Pieces of a puzzle

Pieces of a puzzle

A dream is very much like a puzzle. You, the dreamer, have all the pieces of the puzzle. As soon as you wake up, you see al the small pieces on the table, but nothing makes sense to you. All you have is the big picture, and sometimes not even that. As when you open a box with 5 000 puzzle pieces, it looks almost impossible to unravel this puzzle.

The Lord came to me in a dream and he taught me where to begin. Someone once said that every success to know the meaning of a dream starts with one small step. Once you begin to put the pieces together that will form the frame of the puzzle, the impossible suddenly becomes possible. This is also how the Lord showed me how to create a template for journaling a dream. This truly works for me. Journaling became such an integral part of my daily life, for through my journaling I taste some of the goodness and presence of my God.
To make you hungry for more, I will show you what to do to find the symbols in your dreams.

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