The woman with the washing basin

The woman with the washing basin

It started as a normal morning… I was awake before the alarm went off. This quiet time I use to say thank you to the Lord and reflect on the day’s program.

The alarm goes off. It is like the start of a race… Get out of bed, wake the kids prepare breakfast
While having a sip of coffee I glance over at the diningroom table … there the boys sit, both playing games on their cellphones. “Put the phones down! Eat your breakfast! You know you may not be on your cellphone this time of the day!” They looked at me as if I was speaking Chinese and if they have never heard this before …

“Hurry, get dressed. Do you have your school project?”
“Mom, where is my shirt? I can’t find it …”
“Remember to take your guitar for your lesson today”
Then my husband arrives for his breakfast. He has been sick the last two weeks with flu and this means that he cannot train for the Ironman in PE. He is frustrated with the situation … and it shows.

Once I dropped our three kids off at school, it feels like I did a half a day’s work… relieved that they are there on time…

Now it is my time… I go for a jog as I am preparing for the Old Mutual Half Marathon. While jogging I am reflecting on what happened this morning.

I am also frustrated …. With what happened this morning.

Then I realised, I am the woman with the washing basin and people come wash their washing in my basin – Invited or Uninvited.
That is who God made me to be. This is how it has always been in my life.
God will give me the strength and He will carry me through especially in mornings like this.

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