Music Roles

Music Roles

Roles directly connected to the creating of a song

Songwriter: This is the person(s) that writes or creates the physical words of the song. It can be more than one person, and thus, the written song can be copyrighted under two persons’ names.

Composer: This is the person(s) who put the melody to the song and subsequently composing it. Again, this can be more than one person.

Producer: This person works alongside the writer and composer to decide how the song will be structured and presented that best fits them. What guitar part must be played where?

Musicians: This role is self-explanatory. These are the people who play different instruments on your recordings of live performances, to subsequently make your song professional. You, as the creating artist, mostly, cannot play all instruments professionally or simultaneously, hence the need for professionally trained musicians. They can get paid once off or by way of royalties, depending on the arrangement.

Roles connected to Music business:

Publisher: The publisher is the person(s) who will market your song for you at different radio stations, and also collect all the royalties due. Normally the publisher takes 50% of all royalties connected to sales. (Different royalties will be discussed later). 50% is not a set percentage but rather the so-called norm. You may change it contractually.

Distributor: This is the company of people who physically print, duplicate and send all your electronic or physical cd copies to the right stores (online or other). The distributor normally works on a set fee per recording or cd that they have printed and shared.

Manager: The manager is the spokesperson for the band. They are primarily concerned with the marketing of the artist and/or the arrangements of artists’ costs or gigs. The manager, just as the publisher, again, works on a percentage of the gig fees and/or other fees per agreement.

In the next article, I will deal with the different kinds of royalties in music.

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