We are a Ministry based centre that specialises in high-quality teaching. Not only do we focus on Christian topics and revelation, but we firmly believe that the commercial sector is also there to be developed through excellence. Subsequently, PBM is, in essence, an equipping centre, with a strong preference to Media. We also do workshops all across the world to demonstrate the practical side of ministry and other commercial sectors. Our ethos is that of Jesus Christ. 

Our Team

Barbara Claassen

(B Iuris LLB)

Barbara Claassen is the founder of Prophetic Breakthrough Ministries and ELM. She studied law, but was called as a Prophet to the Nations since 1991, on a fulltime basis. The LORD chose the most profound way to communicate with Barbara, subsequently teaching her the principles of the prophetic and His Kingdom. The Lord has also annointed and equipped her with the gift to interprate dreams through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Barbara did a television program on dreams for 14 episodes on Kyknet. She is also a speaker at conferences, works with leaders and does prophetic schools. She also had a season of experiencing the role as a senior pastor. Taking into account the above mentioned, it is clear that her vision is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry.
1 Corinthians 2:9 (NKJV) — 9 But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” Barbara is the author of books, Keys to unlock your dreams, Sleutels vir Drome and The Dream Book. She also wrote many manuals on the prophetic.

Schalk Brits

Media Director
(LLB Cum Laude)

Schalk studied music in 2011 for a year after graduating from Highschool. He then joined Prophetic Breakthrough Ministries as Media Director in 2012 and since then he has been under the teaching of Barbara Claassen, the founder of the PBMinistries until this very day. He has a passion for music, especially worship music and the underlining purpose thereof. He studied law at the University of the Free State and obtained his degree Cum Laude in 2018.

Leon Oosthuizen

Internet Pastor

Leon Oosthuizen studied Information Technology after graduating from high school. He’s had a passion for technology and software design since high school when personal computers started to become available. He was introduced to the prophetic in 2005 and had a passion for it since then. He’s been with PBM since 2010 to this day under the leadership and mentorship of Barbara Claassen.

Nadine Oosthuizen

Scribal Prophet
(B.Sc. Nature Conservation)

Nadine studied BSc Nature Conservation after she graduated from high school. Since she came to know the Lord she naturally started to write down everything about her life, relationship to the Lord and sermons she heard. She has been with PBM and under the mentorship of Barbara since 2010.

Corene Vermeulen

Public Relations Representative
(B Proc)

Adri Labuschagne

(B.Sc. Food Science (Biochemistry) Cum Laude)

Adri started her tertiary education in a Professional Chef and Culinary Arts diploma at the Institute of Culinary Arts, and received the award for best academic student of her year. In her practical year she has trained under famous chefs, like Ruben Riffel. She pursuit her passion to learn more about the science of cooking and completed her degree in B.Sc. Food Science (Biochemistry) at Stellenbosch University with cum laude. Working as an administration manager in a family business taught her valuable business skills that was later applied in her own business – My Kitchen. She has mastered the art of making macarons and many of her cakes has made its way to a special wedding table. She specializes in French sweet and savoury patisseries and cakes. If you want delicious and beautiful pastries, order from her! She has a love for teaching and through her blog she shows and teaches her followers how to make French patisseries themselves.

Deon Vermeulen

Business Representative
(Bsc Nature Conservation)