• Schalk Brits
    To start off, it is safe to say that the method of songwriting is a relative one. Some say it is better to first write the words, and then to attach a melody to it, where others believe in first getting the melody and then to think about what words fits it best. That being said, before even thinking about the above-mentioned strategies, it is important to know that all songs are born from creativity
  • Schalk Brits
    Method 2: First melody, then words This method is my personal favourite and also an easier method to start with when writing a song. For me, creativity starts with hearing, then seeing, and then doing (Rom 10:17). Thus, it seems to be logical, again for me, to start with the melody-line when writing and/or composing a song. Below are the advantages and challenges: Challenges Getting a melody is easy, but getting a catchy melody is